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How to work and live abroad

How to live and work abroad

Working and living abroad are not easy things to do. It is a daunting thought when you first contemplate all the different factors you will have to take into account during the process of moving abroad, starting a new job, and then remaining in that location for a significant period of time.

Knowing how to apply, where to apply, and what to apply for are the basic things you need to know when looking for work abroad, yet these are also very complex areas that you must research thoroughly.

Finding accommodation abroad and then adjusting to the new culture you will live in are other scary factors that you must overcome.

Finally, you need to look into any grants that will help you live and work abroad, as well as important documentation and insurance that are necessary to live and work in another country.

Application Process to Work Abroad

The application process can be confusing, disheartening and difficult. Read our advice to prepare yourself for any inevitable hiccups you will encounter during this process.

Do I need experience to work abroad?

The level of experience you need depends on the job sector in which you work. Read our advice on which sectors demand specific experience, and which sectors need none at all!

Accommodation abroad

Advice about finding accommodation abroad. What you should and shouldn’t do in order to find somewhere suitable to live, with nice people and at a reasonable price.

Culture shock when moving abroad

Moving to another country and starting a new job there comes with its challenges. One of these is the culture shock that you will come across. Tips in this section will be very useful when moving abroad to work.

Grants to Work & Live Abroad

It is always worth trying to apply for a grant to make your period of working abroad financially easier. You may have to complete a project or write a running blog during your time abroad, but with the help a grant can give you, these small sacrifices are very much worth it.

Documentation & Insurance to Work Abroad

Documentation and insurance depends on which country you go to. However, there are some general tips which will help you no matter where you go in the world.

Attitude in the Workplace

Your attitude in the workplace is of utmost importance and can help you make the most of your new job, whilst enjoying it at the same time. Read our section on how best to conduct yourself when you start work abroad.