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General Tips for Working Abroad

Working Abroad


In this section you will find information about working abroad in general, rather than particular countries. The General Tips section covers everything you need if you’re thinking of or are working abroad!

Advice on everything you will need to prepare for a job interview and pass successfully through the interview process.

Tips on how to create the best CV, from the content to the structure.

  • Entrepreneurism Abroad

With the lack of available jobs in the current economic climate, many are turning towards the entrepreneurial option. Here you can find tips & tricks as to how best become a successful entrepreneur.

  • How to Write a Cover Letter

Writing a good cover letter takes time and care. Here is advice as to how you should write one.

  • How to Work Abroad

Advice ranging from your attitude in the workplace, to the job application process, to accommodation abroad.

  • Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer work is rewarding and fun. So read our tips about how to find the best volunteer work for you!


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