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Jobs in Germany

If you are looking for work in Germany it is important to understand the German job market. Which jobs are on demand? How do I look for a job in Germany? What does the German job market look like? And how much might a German company pay you to work for them?

Looking for a job in Germany

When looking for a job in Germany the applicant does not necessarily know where to look or what to look for. There are both German language jobs and english-speaking jobs available. You can find job offers through online job portals, the Federal Employment AgencyEURES and many private agencies. In fact, the internet is of growing importance when it comes to the job search in Germany. Many businesses use job portals as well as social media networking possibilities. The recommended strategy to find jobs in Germany would be to use as many of the channels as possible in order to obtain a wide number of offers to choose from.

Jobs in Germany

The German economy therefore welcomes the Integrated European Labour Market and is opening doors to skilled applicants from all over Europe as well as to workers from Non-EU countries. German businesses are looking particularly for highly-qualified workers. There are a lot of english speaking jobs available, not only in Engineering and IT but also in Medical/ Healthcare, Science or the Business sectors such as Marketing and Finance. The German economy is characterized by its strong „Mittelstand“ (small and medium-sized enterprises) and its „Hidden Champions“ (highly innovative, specialised small to medium-sized enterprises as market leaders).

German jobs in demand

On the one hand companies seek skilled, well-trained or even specialised workers in sectors of shortage (Engineering, It-Services, Medical/ Health Care, Elderly Care, Sciences). On the other hand internationally operating companies are looking for staff with good language skills. Russian and Chinese language skills are certainly in high demand. Speaking the German language can only help your job search in Germany and help you to integrate to the culture of Germany. Applicants with a university degree or with an education completed in vocational training have a good chance in the German labour market. For less qualified workers finding a job is much more difficult.

Salary in Germany

The average annual gross income per full-time employee is €42,605!  This sounds very inviting at the first glance. However, one has to keep in mind that the net income will be much less. Depending on certain factors, you will be left with approximately €26,000 after tax. This could put you off working in Germany. However, you should be aware that, besides the taxes, all social securities (pension insurance scheme, unemployment insurance, health insurance and nursing care insurance) are covered.

Good luck 😉

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