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English Speaking Jobs in Germany

English Speaking Jobs in Germany 5 Dezember, 2013Leave a comment

English speaking applicants are welcome

Jobs in Germany are available to skilled applicants from all over Europe as well as to workers from Non-EU countries.  Especially highly-qualified workers in are seeked by German businesses since the vacancies cannot always be covered by German applicants. Applicants with University degree or with an education completed in vocational training have certainly a good chance on the German labour market.

Looking for an english speaking Job in Germany

The German labour market welcomes English speaking applicants and provides the International profesionals with a whole lot of possibilities. There are many job portals (keyword: Jobbörse) offering English speaking jobs in Germany. Some are even specialised on jobs for English speaker. Profesional social media networks such as LinkedIn and Xing are used to post job offers (keyword: Stellenangebote) and even Twitter or Facebook are used as recruitment tools. A research on the websites of the Multinationals located in Germany could as well be useful. Find below German Multinationals employing Inaternational applicants

  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Allianz
  • Daimler
  • Siemens
  • etc.

However the German economy is shaped by the strong „Mittelstand“  (SME’s). Many are internationally operating and offer Jobs for International profesionals.

Job Portals for English Speaking Jobs

There are  a lot of English speaking jobs available, not only in Engineering and IT but also in Medical/ Healthcare,  Science or the Businness sectors such as Marketing and Finance. Famous German Job Portals are or offering jobs from various branches and locations. Find below a selection of relevant Job portals.The job offers in English language are usually for those applicants looking for an English speaking job. But be careful. Many German business terms are adopted from the English language and used for German speakers also.

Good luck with your Jobsearch 😉

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